xLeague Solitaire Tips

xLeague Solitaire is an exciting mobile eSports game. You’ll have fun playing Solitaire against other people AND have the opportunity to win cash and prizes!


Four Keys to Playing xLeague Solitaire

  • Draw Pile
    • Tap the Draw pile to show the next three cards.
    • You can go through the draw pile three times for free.
    • The fourth and subsequent pile draws cost 20 points each.
      • Pro Tip: Save a low card like a two or three to “shuffle” the pile.
  • Card moves
    • Drag and drop Draw cards to the Foundation or Tableau piles.
    • You can drag entire Tableau columns between columns
      • Pro Tip: Tap on a card to instantly move it to an available Foundation pile.
  • Time and Scoring
    • You have five minutes to score as many points as possible.
    • Score the most points by moving as many cards as possible to the Foundation piles.
    • Press the pause/end button (lower right hand corner) to Pause or End the game.
      • Pro Tip: Going as fast as possible (two fingers?) and ending the game as soon as you are “stuck” earns the most Time Bonus points. Try to finish within three minutes!
  • Rewind
    • The Rewind button is a powerful tool!
    • If you get stuck you can use Rewind to go back to a point where you had to make a decision between multiple moves.
    • Using the Rewind button moves the cards back to their previous positions, one move per tap, and takes the points scored for those moves off of the board.
      • Pro Tip: While rewinding is powerful it can end up costing you Time Bonus points because the clock is ticking. Plus you might get less points in the other vein. Use it wisely!


Challenge your friends to a match on xLeague Solitaire!