xLeague Solitaire FAQ’s

What is xLeague Solitaire?

  • xLeague Solitaire is an eSports mobile game for iPhone and Android.

Why play xLeague Solitaire?

  • xLeague Solitaire is an easy and fun way for you to play Solitaire in a league and earn prizes!

Who can play xLeague Solitaire?

  • You can play in the xLeague Solitaire Practice League at any age in all U.S. states and most countries.
  • You can play in the xLeague Solitaire Pro League (coming soon), which features cash and prizes, if you are over 17 years of age in most U.S. states* and countries. 


How does xLeague Solitaire game play work?

  • You are paired with similarly ranked players in virtual matches. 
  • The player earning the most points in their game wins the virtual match.
  • You score points by moving cards to the Tableau and Foundation piles as in normal Solitaire.
  • There is a 05:00 match clock. You can end the game early to earn a time bonus.
  • Matches automatically end when the game clock expires.
  • Click here for more tips on game play.

How are players matched?

  • xLeague Solitaire matches players of like rank in virtual ‘head-to-head’ matches. 
  • When a player is winning they move up in the rankings, conversely, if they are losing they move down in the rankings.

How secure is xLeague Solitaire?

  • The integrity of the game is very important to us. We employ a variety of measures to insure that all matches are equitable and fair. Additionally, players have the ability to notify us of concerns about a particular player within the game.

Is xLeague Solitaire legal? How much can I win playing xLeague Solitaire? 

  • Yes, xLeague Solitaire is legal (except in certain states*), skill based eSports with cash and non-cash prizes. 
  • There is no limit to how much you can win playing xLeague Solitaire. 

Excluded states: AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, IL, IN, LA, MD, ME, MT, SC, SD, and TN.